Zoe Evans, pictured right, attends the University of Tennessee. Evans loves Big Thief, her dog Buddy, and sunshine.

Rrita Hashani, pictured left, is studying Journalism & Electronic Media at the University of Tennessee and is attempting to learn the drums so she can one day play Jack Black's character in a reboot of School of Rock.

It started with Sad Girls.

CHECK OUT that original playlist here. We intended to express ourselves through and bond over our favorite tear-jerkers, but as time continued and our moods were changing daily, we decided our emotion-driven playlists had potential to be more than private soundtracks. 

OUR GOAL is to provide a platform for girls, queers, and queer girls to express their opinions, emotions, and thoughts about music, their lives, and their experiences. We are welcoming and accepting to all willing contributors and their varying methods of writing.

SO, ENOUGH with Soft Boy and Emo Dad culture. People with grl pwr are and have always been some of the biggest trend setters in any music scene, and it's time we pay closer attention.

Mansplaining is past and Grlsplaining is present.