Believe Us: Depression Breakfast’s new single is firey feminism

Words by Kristin Dehkordi. Image credit to Depression Breakfast.

(CW: mentions sexual assault, harassment)

Nashville’s own Depression Breakfast confronts cynics in cases of sexual assault with their upcoming single “Believe Me (I’m Not Lying).” 

The band, founded in 2017, was recently named “Best Riot Grrrl Revival” band in the Nashville scene. They take “progressive fury and focus it into a crackling laser of feminist punk righteousness.” Their bandcamp bio urges us to “OVERTHROW COCKROCK AND IDOLIZE YOUR GIRLFRIEND.” If that doesn’t entice you, then I honestly don’t know what will. 

db nf.jpg

The spunky punk rockers use a flawless combination of unique instrumentals and fiery lyrics to create the ultimate anti-authoritarian jams. “Believe Me (I’m Not Lying)” uses confrontational lyrics to express frustration towards the treatment of sexual assault victims. The repetition of the phrases like “my body is not my own” and “I was asking for it” take the typical justification for harassment and turn them into bold, challenging statements. 

The three-piece’s lyrics are reminiscent of popular feminist bands like Childbirth, but with piercing vocals and racing instrumentals, Depression Breakfast seethes fresh riot grrl energy into an industry of complacent Capitalist Feminism™️.

If you find yourself intrigued, or just outraged and in need of a venting jam sesh, the single is set to release Friday, July 26. Be on the lookout for their forthcoming album, releasing on August 2 through To-Go Records.