Rainbow fuzz power Pearl Earl at Pilot Light

Pearl Earl, hailing from Denton, Texas, stopped in at the Pilot Light on Wednesday night, marking the end of the first week of their summer tour.

Anyone who frequents the Pilot Light knows that every now and then it feels like the whole crowd is sleepy,anti-social or in a funk (maybe I’m just projecting here). Bands always seem to recognize it, no matter how much you try to hide it with head-bobbing and swaying.

“Happy Hump Day everyone,”lead singer and guitarist Ariel Hartley greeted us encouragingly between songs. “You’re half-way through the week. Sort of.”

However, the music was a high contrast to the initial lethargy of its environment. Pearl Earl’s enthusiasm and togetherness permeated the mood of the room with a sound which they describe on their Facebook as “rainbow fuzz power.” Their attitude and style is comparable to Hinds and Cherry Glazerr, but they’ve got an extra psychedelic spark.

Pear Earl also had great timing and synchronicity. Keyboard player Chelsey Danielle switched comfortably between additional instruments in some songs, like the triangle, tambourine, and guiro.They all sung together on songs like “Meet Your Maker,” providing that ‘60s surf-rock sound.

Hartley also contributed to their spirited performance with strong vocal affectations and physical embodiments of her tone, like marching in place and stomping. Watching her resulted in irresistible smile because of the character-like nature of her performance.

Definitely try to catch a Pearl Earl show while they’re still on tour and keep an eye on bandcamp and spotify, because they’re recording in August.

Tour dates from @pearlearlmusic on instagram

Tour dates from @pearlearlmusic on instagram

By Zoe Evans

Story image from Pearl Earl album art on Bandcamp